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Hydrospeed sur l'Aude

A true river sledge, hydrospeed is the foam float that allows you to swim down the rapids protecting you from the rocks. Highly manoeuvrable float allowing to slalom between surf waves and falls. The descent of hydrospeed will make you spend two to three hours of an activity that you will keep an unforgettable memory. Swimming in white water, allows to descend very early routes of great difficulties that one could not descend in kayak until after a long apprenticeship.


The equipement is  provide : wetsuit, neoprene socks, life jacket, helmet and flippers 


Make sure you have a swimsuit, a towel and dry clothes.


Important : You need to know swimming 25m and to be in a good condition.


From 10 years old. The size of the group is from 4 to 8 people 


From 32 euros 

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