Rafting, hydrospeed (whitewater swimming), and canyoning on the Aude river with Rodeo Raft.
The Aude river takes its source in the massif of Carlit, at the lake of Aude at 2185 m of altitude, in the commune of Angles in the Pyrénées-Orientales, it’s the longest river of Languedoc-Roussillon with 224 km.
You will discover the gorges of Saint-Georges and the Pierre Lys between Axat and Quillan and enjoy rapids with experienced guides.
We are in Belvianes-et-Cavirac on the foothills of the Pyrenees, 2 hours from Toulouse and Montpellier.
Come and enjoy a beautiful setting, everything is gathered for excellent spring or summer days with family or friends!
Rafting sur l'Aude entre Axat et Quillan. A 1h de Carcassonne et Perpignan dans le Languedoc Roussillon. Occitanie, près de Toulouse et Montpellier.
Hydrospeed Aude défilé de la Pierre Lys/nage en eau vive/ hydrospeed sportif ou découverte/ hydrospeed Pyrénées Orientales Axat et Quillan

 Rafting is a team-based whitewater sport. A guide will be with you on the river (l'Aude) aboard an inflatable boat that can accommodate up to 8 crew members. Accessible to the whole family, young and old, it strengthens team cohesion.

A real 4x4 of the river! Insubmersible and very stable the raft was created in the United States in the fifties and allows to discover or rediscover the river in a more sporty way.

You will be filled with sensations when you pass the rapids of the Gorges de Pierre Lys, and discover the Pyrenean landscapes of Axat up to Quillan with Rodeoraft.

At each departure, the guide trains his crew, explains the descent, the paddle handling, the various manoeuvres and the safety measures.

Hydrospeed is a whitewater sport that appeared in France in the 1970s and is practised in groups of 6 to 8 people per monitor.

A guide will accompany you on the river (l'Aude). Lying on your foam hydro and equipped with a pair of flippers, you go down the rapids with your head forward: "sensations assured"!

This activity requires learning and is reserved for people with good physical condition but remains quickly accessible to the greatest number if you like water and want to discover new sensations.

You will discover the hydrospeed with Rodeoraft at the start of Axat, and the most daring will descend the Gorges de Pierre Lys until Quillan

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Canyon du Llech / canyoning Pyrénées Orientales / canyon sportif / canyon découverte / gorges de Galamus aude axat et Quillan
Cano-raft hot-dog Aude dans la Haute Vallée entre Perpignan et Carcassonne, cano-raft sportif  ou découverte, cano-raft Pyrénées Orientale axat et Quillan

The canoe-raft also called "hot dog" is a whitewater sport that is practised in groups of 6 to 8 people.

Accompanied by a guide, you will go down a river (the Aude), from Axat to Quillan.

It is an inflatable canoe or a mini two-seater rafting particularly suitable for the descent of rapids. A rather technical activity that requires a minimum of learning.

Canyoning is a group practice with a guide. You will walk, swim, or abseil down a river.

A true water and vertical hike, canyoning allows you to explore inaccessible places in the heart of the Aude and the Eastern Pyrenees.













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whitewater and nature sports

      Rafting in Aude and Pyrénées  

                Quillan and Axat.